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Top 5 Common Sidewalk Repairs In NYC

Concrete repair

It's hard to believe, but NYC has over 12k miles of sidewalks. While you may not be responsible for all of them, thank goodness, you are responsible for the ones on your property. Sidewalk repair is a significant responsibility for property owners, and NYC DOT works tirelessly to make sure property owners are staying current with repair needs.

Ignoring repair needs can be dangerous for pedestrians and costly for you. It's in your best interest to avoid fines and infractions accrued from lingering repair issues by dealing with them as soon as you're aware of them.

Dealing With The Most Common Sidewalk Repairs

Taking care of sidewalk and concrete repair is relatively cut-and-dry. Make sure your sidewalks are free of cracks and holes and that they're even.

Some of the most common issues we repair at Sidewalk Repair NYC are the ones you should be watching for:

  • Tree Roots - While trees make the landscape more beautiful, they can make the walkways more hazardous.
  • Improper Slope - An improper slope usually results from improper installation or ground settling, but either way, it requires your immediate attention.
  • Settling Cracks - The ground may shift under the concrete, or time and a lot of foot traffic may cause a section of your sidewalk to settle and create a crack.
  • Collapsed Sidewalks or Curbs - When your walkways collapse in a section, this causes a hole and trip hazard.
  • Shoddy Repairs - Patchwork repairs can be the problem, so make sure you hire a reputable professional to take care of your repairs.

Choose The Local, Seasoned Pros

At Sidewalk Repair NYC, our work quality speaks for itself. However, you can feel confident knowing you have a local team on your side. We're familiar with the necessary procedures and stay current with changes to NYC DOT guidelines.

If you know or suspect you have an issue, give us a call. If you've received a violation notification, the sooner you contact us the sooner we can make repairs. The longer you wait, the heftier your fines and the worse the problem could become. Call us now, and let's deal with your sidewalk repair service needs in NYC.


If you are looking for sidewalk repair in New York City, call us today at 212-906-4450, or complete our online request form.