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What Curb Option Is Best for Your NYC Property?

Curb repair

Be sure to get the right curbs for your NYC property to ensure you enjoy the best look and performance for your tastes and needs. Here are just a few factors to consider when investing in new sidewalk curbs:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Aesthetics

Bluestone Curb

If you're looking for a beautiful and durable curb option, you can't go wrong with a bluestone curb. Bluestone comes in a variety of stunning natural shades that will make your property stand out while keeping your sidewalk protected from breakages.

Concrete Curb

Concrete curbs are noted for being an affordable and all-around agreeable curb option, making it an ideal choice if you HAVE TO have your curbs replaced. What's more, concrete is long-lasting, so it should help you avoid the need for future repairs for some time.

Drop Curb

If your business needs to allow large vehicles to quickly and safely enter and exit the premises on a regular basis, drop curbs are a must. They help to expedite this work without breaking under pressure, as other curb options are wont to.

Steel Curb

For the longest-lasting and most durable curb option out there, you simply can't beat a steel curb. You also can't beat its sleek, modernistic look that works with just about any building design.

We'll Maintain Your Sidewalk Curb with Our Repair Services

No matter what curb type you select for your property, you can count on Sidewalk Repair NYC to maintain them with our curb repair services. Call our sidewalk repair specialists today if you're in need of concrete or curb repair work.


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