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Dependable DOT Violation Repairs in New York City

If you've been slapped with a sidewalk violation notice, you can count on Sidewalk Repairs NYC to handle any DOT violation repairs you may need. Call our sidewalk repair specialists today to get a free estimate for any of our services:

Sidewalk Repair Inspection

Sidewalk repair inspection

After having repairs handled per the DOT's notice, you'll need to have a follow-up inspection handled to get the final clearance that your sidewalk is back up to code. We provide sidewalk repair inspections to put your DOT violation to an end.

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NYC Sidewalk Violation Removal

Nyc violation removal

A sidewalk violation is nothing to take lightly, as sidewalk ordinances are put into place for the purpose of public safety. So, should you be served a violation notice, have the issues outlined in it addressed ASAP with our NYC sidewalk violation repair services.

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Expedited Sidewalk Violation Removal for Property Closing

Dot violation repair

If you don't feel like handling all the phone calls, paperwork, and meetings required to address a sidewalk violation, just ask us about our expedited sidewalk violation removal for property closing. We'll handle everything for you in a short amount of time.

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If you are looking for a DOT violation repairs company in New York City, please call us today at 212-906-4450, or complete our online request form.