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Look to Our NYC Team When You Need Your Old Sidewalk Replaced

Sidewalk replacement

When sidewalk repairs are no longer a viable option for satisfying DOT violation notices, look to Sidewalk Repair NYC for a full-blown sidewalk replacement. A replacement can be necessitated by a number of common factors such as the following:

  • Advanced wear and tear
  • Advanced age (20 years or more in most cases)
  • Substantial breakages in your sidewalk
  • Frequent violation notices from the DOT

Our sidewalk repair professionals are also professionals at getting your old sidewalk replaced in a timely manner that meets the safety standards outlined by the New York City DOT. Give us a call today if you would like a free estimate for your next sidewalk replacement project.

Quick Work and Quality Results Are Our Guarantee

When you need an old, problematic sidewalk replaced, you'll surely want that work to get done in a quick manner. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll settle for a shoddy final result. Fortunately, by leaving that work to us, you'll enjoy a quick job and quality results, guaranteed.

We Also Handle BPP Sign Off Sidewalk Replacement Projects

A BPP sign off sidewalk replacement requires that your property be set up in a way that adheres to strict DOT regulations to ensure the public remains safe during this process. If you're in need of such an involved replacement, you can still count on us to handle the work.


If you are looking for sidewalk replacement in New York City, please call us today at 212-906-4450, or complete our online request form.