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We Handle BPP Sign Off Sidewalk Replacement

Bbp signoff

BPP sign of sidewalk replacement work involves handling a number of DOT safety precautions to the letter, so leave that work to the pros at Sidewalk Repair NYC. Our professional sidewalk repair specialists will ensure your property is up to code during the sidewalk replacement process, saving you money on fines and preventing people from sustaining injuries on your property—further saving you money on legal fees.

Know the Official BPP Sign Off Checklist

Per the office of the mayor's NYC Building's official pamphlet, the following criteria must be met before completion of a BPP sign off sidewalk replacement. Our experienced team will be sure to check every item off of this list during the BPP sign off sidewalk replacement process:

  • Photos of finished conditions matching the proposed plan
  • Final survey conditions matching proposed plan
  • Related NB required items: BPP signed off by an inspector
  • BPP-11 form "Engineer Affidavit" provided, signed, and sealed by the applicant
  • DOT permits 405/118/119 provided
  • A concrete delivery receipt or concrete core report provided (15' - 20' center for
  • properties with great than 100' frontage)
  • DEP catch basin report provided, if applicable
  • Parks Tree Removal Permit and Parks Tree Planting Permit final sign off
  • Document management fee paid

Count On Our NYC Team for All of Your Other DOT-Related Sidewalk Work

We're also experts at handling more routine work, such as a basic DOT violation repair and sidewalk replacement services. Whatever sidewalk service you're in need of, you can count on us to provide the work you want for the best price in town.


If you are looking for bpp sign off sidewalk replacement in New York City, please call us today at 212-906-4450, or complete our online request form.