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What Causes Your Sidewalks to Become Damaged?

Sidewalk repair

Sidewalk damages have a way of developing with little to no warning, it seems. Once any such damage has developed, make sure you get a jump on a professional sidewalk repair before your NYC property suffers from any of the following issues:

  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Greater likelihood of injuries being sustained on your property
  • A chance you'll get a sidewalk repair fine from the DOT

You can't always prevent the need to call on our NYC sidewalk repair contractors, but you can get a jump on the repair work by having some idea of what causes your sidewalks to suffer wear and tear. Here are just a few of the most common factors that result in sidewalk defects:

Tree Roots

If you have trees growing on or near your property, you need to remain extra aware of the condition of your sidewalks. As tree roots grow under your sidewalks, they can cause damage, so be ready to invest in repairs because of trees over time.

Settling Ground

Sure, you can simply have trees removed and eliminate that threat to your sidewalks. Unfortunately, you simply can't do anything about the ground underneath your sidewalks, which can shift and cause breakages. The ground tends to settle most after a period of heavy rain, so you might need a sidewalk repair during the rainy season.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Another time that should send up red flags regarding your sidewalk is periods when the temperature fluctuates widely from hot to cold or vise-versa. Wide temperature fluctuations can cause your concrete to expand and retract, in turn leading to breakages.


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